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Are you looking for a King Post Truss or a Queen Post Truss?

We specialise in band-sawn or hand-cut effect Bespoke Feature Oak trusses.

Our hand-cut effect Oak Trusses are sculpted along the grain to preserve and accentuate the wood’s natural form.

We provide a design and engineer check to ensure your structure will meet building regulations, we can create spans that test the limits of design possibilities. We identify critical dimensions and identify clients design issues early, well before construction starts. The picture to the right highlights the beauty of our hand made joints and shows how our trademark Adzed finish accentuates the Oaks characteristics.

Altham Oak make big chunky trusses that will really be the main feature of a room.

King Post Truss

A traditional truss – usually employed as a structural roof feature. A handcrafted oak king post from Altham Oak adds an attractive organic element to any room’s roof space. Please see our finishes section for surface options

The truss to the far right was commissioned for a Mr Gary Neville

This truss to the immediate right was made for Bill Bell, April 2015

“well chuffed with the outcome and the truss looks fantastic, thanks to Gareth and all at Altham Oak

Curved Tie Truss

Arched Oak King Post Trusses

This Curved oak trusses pictured was especially designed with a curved tie beam sawn from selected curved logs. It was one of a set of matching 6 king post trusses made for the roof of a Turkish salon. The owners of these had an eye for detail and they knew Altham Oak would deliver.

“Considering our new curved oak truss is effectively a piece of furniture we are going to be looking at for the rest of our lives, it was important to us that we selected the right company to help us…. The truss was delivered on time, on budget and I was kept informed at each stage… There were no excuses, no surprises and no drama’s when it came to fitting… My wife hadn’t really been involved in the process until the day of delivery and says she is never really good at visualising things in advance, she was in fact blown away how nice it looks!”

Raised Tie Truss

You may like to have a raised tie beam truss, this helps generate more headroom and suits a contemporary or traditional setting. This truss was made for Lynton Greenwood, Master Builders of Southport, May 2015.

“We’re really pleased with the detail and amazing quality of our new feature trusses, they really are the show stopper on our new barn conversion

Queen Post Truss

Queen Post trussThis  design of Oak Trusses can help with wide spans. An oak queen post will allow space for people to walk through the truss, giving the potential for an extra “room in the roof”.