About Us

…we work with the natural form of the oak where possible. We’re extremely competent and experienced at shaping Oak Beams to pre-determined dimensions to give a natural rustic appearance. Band sawn green oak is a beautiful addition to any home and can be worked to spectacular effect using both traditional hand crafted and mechanised techniques.

Oak is synonymous with both strength and beauty and our work is an extension of this. Altham Oak’s handcrafted projects are long-lasting and weather resistant and also highlight the organic and unusual forms that oak can present, in an eye-catching fashion.

Our capabilities encompass everything from large architectural projects for builders and developers to smaller domestic schemes for private clients. We also carry out sympathetic restoration and sensitive repairs for clients with conservation carpentry requirements.

We provide a full design service and use D30 graded Oak to conform engineers specifications.

If you’d like to discuss a handcrafted green oak carpentry project, please email or call and we will strive to answer any questions, discuss your project requirement, and provide a prompt quote for the works.

With so much beautiful English timber underused, especially oak, we have decided to establish a market for good quality domestic timber products that showcases traditional carpentry skills and have less impact on the environment.

With mainstream timber construction typically rejecting curved logs in favour of more easily machinable straight ones, we have identified a niche market for excellent quality logs that offer the opportunity to create uniquely individual structural designs with an emphasis on organic forms and natural curves, shapes and textures.

Whether working for private clients or public sector authorities, our philosophy is based on the desire to create bespoke designs that suit individual customers and their needs, as well promoting the natural features of oak.

We recognise the importance to reconcile our work with the need for social and environmental responsibility. We source our timber sustainably wherever possible and only stock logs from responsibly managed woodlands. Altham Oak supports tree planting schemes throughout the UK and periodically contributes to initiatives by local regeneration and conservation groups.