Oak Beams

Fireplace Beams


IMG_2692 Our fireplace beams add a superb finishing touch to any room. Our speciality is the hand-cut effect fireplace beam which adds character to your fireplace and can be tailored to your vision. See more Oak Fireplace Beams


Green Oak Beams

Hand-cut or band-sawn green oak beams add character and authentic traditional detailing to a room. Band-sawn beams are usually cut to order from straight trees, are regular with uniform dimensions may not follow the natural curve of the tree. For hand-cut purposes, Altham Oak can make excellent use of the more irregular timbers typically ignored by other companies. Using these timbers, our specialist carpentry skills allow us to create more organic structural forms that look amazing and echo the appearance of hewn beams and feel of many celebrated historic properties.

Hand-cut and Band-sawn green oak beam compared

Hollowed Oak Beams

Decorative Oak Fireplace Beam

A hollowed beam is a perfect way to hide an unsightly steel beam or concrete lintel, so much nicer than boxing them in where the joints would always be seen.



Purlins and ridge beams are a great way to complement your truss, we can give a machine adzed finish to give a hand crafted effect, our designs also ensure that the least amount of oak is lost in your insulation

Close up view of green oak purlins