Environmental Statement

We started our business with the aim of encouraging the use of under used timber in this country as a way to combat the destruction of virgin forests abroad. We discovered that only one in ten plantation oak trees in the UK were in demand and used effectively. Our aim has been to find inventive better uses for some of the others, to save them from use as chipboard or firewood. We pay a better price to foresters for relatively unwanted parts of their harvest.

By doing this we aim to encourage sustainable management of British oak plantations.

We only stock logs from sustainably managed woodlands. We buy our trees at stump and tag them with our unique tags. We can supply Forestry Commission Felling License numbers or management plan information and even Ordnance Survey Grid references relevant to our tag numbers. Some of our bandsawn oak is bought sawn from a sawmill.

Due to the demise of the sawmill that used to saw our own oak, we now buy all our band-sawn oak from suppliers. We do not have so much information about this timber, as we have not seen it at stump. We endeavour to obtain a similar “chain of custody” as our own log stack wherever possible.

We support certification. Only top quality oak can afford the extra costs of FSC certification. We, by policy are finding a quality use for less valued parts of the harvest. We are in the lucky position to have a shorter and more transparent supply chain than most certified timber. More importantly, we consider that it is best for the environment to use an under used resource than it would be to compete to buy the prime planking quality log everyone wants, certified or not, while the rest of the oak harvest is burnt or chipped.