Internal Oak Features

At Altham Oak, we know that smaller internal carpentry elements can still display the results of fine craftsmanship and sound material selection.

Oak Staircase

Green Oak Staircase

The bespoke oak staircases we create are stunning individual structures. Regardless of awkward dimensions, irregular inclines and corners, Altham Oak’s master carpenters will strive to select the right timbers to suit the practical requirements of a property and the design vision of the owner. Sometimes a selected bent tree is the only way to do the job.

♦  Testimonial

Just a quick word to say how pleased we are with the end result………. The stairs are exactly what we wanted, robust, in keeping with the Oak framing of the house and also an artistic statement which is a feature now rather than just a way to the upper floor…..

Stunning Mezzanine

Three quarter king post truss used to create a stunning feature above the main staircase.These oak features can have a structural function of supporting a gallery  for example but at the same time they provide a wonderful visual and tactile feature – a talking point





Decorative Oak Beams

8 green oak purlinsA decorative beam by Altham Oak represents an attractive focal point for any room. The shape and grain of the wood lends a natural textured beauty to a fireplace, for example. Decorative oak beams can also be structural.




Fireplace Surrounds

rons fireplaceOur fireplace beams add a superb finishing touch to any room. Our speciality is the hand-cut fireplace beam which adds character to your fireplace and can be tailored to your vision.

♦  Testimonial

We searched a lot but Altham Oak were able to provide the oak with the dimensions we required. (section 150 x 360mm). We were unsure about the surface finish but we trusted their judgement and they came up trumps. They advised us on the finish and provided specific instructions on how to apply the wax (as we’re not local to them and we wanted to do this our self). They also told us how to fix to the wall. They were so helpful, and easy to deal with and we got just what we wanted and we’re so happy with the look of our unique fireplace. Thanks again , Excellent service