Altham Oak is no ordinary carpentry company. We’ve adopted the techniques and methods developed by professional carpenters for centuries and incorporated them into a contemporary approach to bespoke oak carpentry projects.

We hand-cut and shape oak beams for use in structures that require something a bit more special than the norm. Our unique expertise means we can work with irregular or unusual timbers with total confidence and proficiency, resulting in projects that stand out as truly individual and instantly recognisable.

Another signature feature of an Altham Oak project is the quality of professional detailing that sets us apart from other carpenters. Long established techniques including adzing, cutting along the grain, pegging and specialist joint construction are employed in innovative ways, showcasing contemporary problem solving with traditional methods.

One of the most attractive features of our work is its immediacy and accessibility. Our structures often draw more than just appreciative glances. The grain, texture and appearance of our hand-crafted oak structures lend them a tactile, touchable quality. Altham Oak’s products stimulate the senses and our professional craftsmen achieve these results by selecting the best materials and doing what’s required to retain the quality inherent in the timber.

Aside from the obvious creative talents our artisan carpenters demonstrate, the real skill lies in our ability to preserve the character of the oak without compromising the durability or structural integrity required on any development.