Construction industry professionals often employ the services of Altham Oak for a variety of reasons. Some projects may require the benefit of our specialist knowledge and assistance with structural calculations. Other specifiers may simply want an eye-catching timber focal point for a particular development, in order to instil a space with a more natural, textured and unique identity.

Our experience means we’re well equipped to be as involved as any client desires, from consultation and input at every stage to working from previously prepared plans.


With environmental impact becoming a more important factor for building designers each year, the use of natural materials is an area that many architects are keen to make the most of where appropriate.

Oak structural frames and timbers are increasingly sought after and resource management is a consideration for many construction projects. Altham Oak responsibly sources timber from sustainable locations and actively supports tree planting schemes.

Our enthusiasm for incorporating the natural form of timber means that some projects don’t conform to established standards of measurement and angles. However, creating beautiful structures doesn’t take priority over safety and integrity. Where projects follow a less traditional linear form, our experienced and fully qualified professionals can advise on calculations, design alterations and the suitability of particular timbers.


Developers who are keen to create a project that combines the authenticity of traditional craftsmanship, physical beauty of natural wood and the strength and durability of oak need to select a provider that can deliver on time and on budget.

As practised specialists in satisfying such targets, Altham Oak is comfortable providing as much input and assistance as required at each stage of the process. We can develop an initial design concept and provide details on construction and completion, as well as suggestions to maximise resources including time, budget and materials.