Restoration Project Makes Call for Volunteers

A group of volunteers in Charlwood, Surrey made an appeal for volunteers this week to help them finish a restoration project that has occupied them for 25 years.

The eight villages have dedicated their Sunday mornings over a quarter of a century to their “labour of love” – reconstructing the Lowfield Heath windmill, which last worked in the 1880s.

One key area they need help on is in the field of oak beams and oak carpentry, having had mixed results with their own wood conservation efforts thus far.

Lowfield Heath Windmill Trust member Mike Yates told the Surrey Mirror that “there is always something going wrong, the wood doesn’t always last long. The timbers are never quite as good as you thought.”

The mill used to stand in Lowfield Heath, West Sussex, before the land was bought by Gatwick Airport – which helped fund its move to the new location in Charlwood.

So far, £150,000 has been sunk into the project, much provided by the local charity the John Bristow and Thomas Mason Trust, plus fundraising by the Lowfield Heath Windmill Trust. With help, the group hopes that the project will be completed by the end of 2012.