Oak Beams to Form Heart of New Rutlands Monument

Civil engineers have applied to Rutland County Council to create an imposing landmark celebrating the East Midlands region using locally sourced oak beams.

The local civil engineering firm Smithers Purslow, which is based in the Rutland village of Glaston, wants to place oak carpentry at the heart of the project which would take place on the A6003/A47 roundabout on the outskirts of Uppingham – the northern approach into the market town.

Rutland is famed for its wood conservation, and its consequent reputation as a good source of oak wood.

Currently a floral display, the planned renovation would see this replaced with a tripod of oak beams topped by a display of iron horseshoes. The whole structure would be an impressive sight, with the oak beams being 23 feet in height and the array of horseshoes coming in at three feet. Oak trees would also comprise the fencing around the display.