An Oak-Framed Building Constructed in Just Five Minutes!

It may be made to look easy, but putting together an oak-framed building is – unsurprisingly – a highly-skilled business, involving architecture, design, oak carpentry and accounting. Everything from selecting the right kind of oak – while respecting the principles of wood conservation – to placing the final fixtures and fittings has to be meticulously planned. The oak beams to be used in the building have to be cut to exactly the right specifications to ensure that everything fits into place when the time comes. Before a single one of the oak beams is in place, an incredible amount of work will have occurred, out of sight of the eventual house-owner.

Nevertheless, watching this entire structure build from the ground up in just five minutes is a tribute to the skill of the builders and the patience of the cameraman! Sit back and enjoy the ride, and perhaps be a little grateful that you’re not one of the skilled craftsmen bustling around !